Ingrid Pitzer

Ingrid Pitzer was born in Siegen, Germany. Trained at the University of Arts, Berlin in sculpture, she specializes in paper reliefs and and paper sculptures. Deviating from becoming a conventional sculptor, working in non perishable mediums like stone, bronze, fiber, etc., Ingrid has carved out a space for herself in contemporary art with her original and impeccably crafted paper art works. Further through the use of this unusual material art history could benefit new discourses on fragility, vulnerability, affect and sensitivity. Pitzer conducted many study trips to countries – north and east Africa, Asia and Latin America between 1977-84 to understand and research different materials. The fibers she works with are of high quality and are long lasting – including banana, mulberry and kozo. For the last 3 years she has been casting her paper reliefs in India. Pitzer is inspired by the environment surrounding her –  architecture,  gardens, parks and trees, and bazaars.

Pulp as raw material from the paper mill or using her own pulp prepared from plants and trees is a medium which results in many surprising moments.No matter how precisely a work is planned, the paper always has the final word. “Paper is not as fragile as we imagine, and it never acts against its’ own nature,” says Pitzer. “The challenge is to be as artistic as possible and to make out of a very ordinary medium, an interesting piece of art which can evoke a new sensitivity.”Ingrid’s elegant craft and her acquired techniques have elevated her practice to the level of fine art. Visually they resemble abstract paintings. Their arrangement, formal composition, the use of colour and uneven edges are similar to the visual language of an abstract painting. However, it is the paper’s connection with environment and its disposable qualities which mark Ingrid’s works with perceptible and enduring traces.

Pitzer has showcased her work several exhibitions including Art Cologne, Gallery R Springer, Berlin (1996); Egyptian Museum, Berlin 1998); Gallery Sa Escala 3, Felanits, Mallorca (2000);  Goethe Institut, Cairo (1999); Gallery Petra Lange, Berlin (2002 & 2005); Max-Mueller-Bhavan, New Delhi (2004); “Two Women Artists” (Art Heritage, 2015).

Pitzer’s awards include the Schwalenberg Award (1991); Wiepersdorf Castle Grant (1993); Grant for Japan (1994 & 1997); and a grant from the Edward F. Albee Foundation, NY, USA (2000). She has been Artist-in-residence Villa Montalvo, CA, USA, (1994) and Yadoo, NY, USA (1995).

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