Negotiation in Contested Space – Part 1

Art Heritage presents, in collaboration with The Guild, Negotiation in Contested Space – Part 1, a group show featuring the works of Jyothi Basu, G R Iranna, Pooja Iranna, Baiju Parthan, Sumedh Rajendran, K. P. Reji, N. N. Rimzon, T. V. Santhosh, and Gigi Scaria.

Modernist and post-modernist modes of aesthetic and conceptual representation continue to engender a symbiotic relationship with the contemporary languages of fractured narratives, forms, and often unstable contexts – more so perhaps to render the experience of being, in an increasingly complex world – as a search for languages that capture a fraction of this interplay, revealing an ongoing negotiation of contested space.

In search of these languages, the artists in Negotiation in Contested Space formulate their roles as the directors of spaces suspending modernist, traditional, and contemporary uses of representation by crafting supple languages accommodating multiple subjects, objects, and contexts by staging these in the occupation/s of contemporary space. By making specific choices in myth-making, symbology, architectural framing, and perspective, these artists claim their place of occupation as the frame within which systemic structures, individual narratives, forms, and context engender one another’s negotiation.

The show has been conceived by Renuka Sawhney, an independent curator and writer, and the exhibition has been curated by Amal Allana.


12 Jan - 2 Mar 2018


Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture