India Art Fair 2017

Art Heritage India Art Fair 2017 Catalogue Introduction

At the moment, we are in limbo. As this catalog goes to press, Art Heritage gallery is being razed to rubble – shortly to be resurrected – enlarged and refurbished.

Overhauling the gallery is not purely a cosmetic change. It is an opportunity to rethink our ideas on art and on the evolving art scene that has changed significantly over the last decades. We feel a re-evaluation is necessary at this juncture so as to re position ourselves in order to maximize our effectiveness in supporting artists and contribute meaningfully to multiple, yet related forms of artistic endeavor.

Such an attempt to reimagine ourselves is born from the belief that art belongs to a more flexible, democratic sphere with the option of it being accessible and available to as many people as possible, rather than art catering to a ‘niche’/elitist segment of society and gaining its value therefrom.

The look, feel and spatial break up of our re-invented gallery, we hope, will encourage a greater and more stimulating interaction with the artworks. Using curatorial strategies that contextualize works within their socio-political and art historical contexts, we believe in juxtaposing the ‘real’ with the ‘created’, that will allow for a more complex ‘seeing’ and ‘reading’ of art. Through multi media and the dynamic use space we intend to showcase works in a flexible, immersive environment that will undoubtedly make a visit to Art Heritage a cherished experience.


2 Feb - 5 Feb 2017


Azadhe akhlaghi babak kazemi


Photography, Acrylic on canvas, Bronze

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Art Heritage Catalog for India Art Fair 2017