On the Threshold of Time

Each year in May, Art Heritage organizes an exhibition entitled On the Threshold of Time to promote young, emerging talent. The work we select for such a show, has either been spotted by us at the various colleges of art, or brought to our notice by young artists themselves. A substantial percentage of the artists we have supported under this scheme are already on their way to becoming the upcoming names of the future.

Art Heritage seeks to cultivate and support new work that is not only aesthetically superior in a variety of mediums, but also work that is engaged with our times. This is our way of pushing the frontiers of art beyond its known borders into often uncharted territory. The Threshold Series is a celebration of a new visual culture and sensibility that is defining a young   India.

In the current exhibition we have decided to counterpoint the work a group of fifteen young painters, sculptors and ceramic artists with the abstract, geometric acrylics of S. K. Sahni. Now well into his late seventies his exploration of space through the pure abstraction of only lines and colours creates a sense of visual music, making one understand that his kind art is indeed timeless.


15 Apr - 25 May 2016


Abhijit Pathak, Ambika Mehta, Arun Mukuty, Juin Mayne, Minakshi Sen, Neelima Nagpal, Neha Asheeth, Pallav Chander, Parul Srivastava, Pratibha Kapoor, Shirley Bhatnagar, SK Sahni, Srinia Chowdhury, Suhasini Mehta, Sujata Bahal, Vishakha Swaroop


Ceramics, Acrylic on canvas