‘Sentient Beings’ – An Exhibition of G. Reghu’s Ceramic and Bronze Sculptures

Art Heritage presents ‘Sentient Beings’ – an exhibition of G. Reghu’s ceramic and bronze sculptures.

G. Reghu’s work embodies a multi-cultural atmosphere centered around the study and close involvement with the tribal arts from central India. The materials used – clay – whose organic earthbound quality of malleability, softness and seamlessness provide an archaic resonance of prehistoric civilizations – and bronze – that is both fluid and tactile – craftily bring emotions and expression to whimsical anthropomorphic figures. The beauty of the work comes from a combination of minimalism and sensitivity, whereby everyday scenes from small town India like a couple speeding on a scooter or groups of seated women sharing gossip, bring the figures to life capturing the essence of human existence. A new modernistic metal heads series has deep resonance with Brancusi and Himmat Shah yet is steeped in the contours of the Indian landscape and art. Throughout G. Reghu’s work runs the philosophical thread of the elusive human spirit and the metaphor of the ‘body as garment’.

Since 1988, Reghu has held innumerable solo and group shows winning accolades and much acclaim in Bangalore, Bhopal, Trivandrum, Mumbai and New Delhi. Among his international shows are the prestigious International Biennale in Cairo and the Stoffwechsel in Kassel, Germany.


7 Dec - 3 Jan 2018


Ceramic, Bronze