The Calcutta Diaries

This exhibition is a photographic journey into Pablo Bartholomew’s own archive, focusing on his years in Calcutta from the mid-1970s – and dealing with an exploration of identity and society. This exhibition is divided into four distinct sections ranging from images of his grandmother, a social commentary on the Chinese community, flowing into the street life of Calcutta, to a personal interaction with Satyajit Ray. Following his earlier exhibitions, Outside In, A Tale of 3 Cities, and Bombay: Chronicles of a Past Life, this show is a story about how a photographer seeks an intellectual traffic through simultaneous visual narratives while dealing with space, and in this case, India’s erstwhile Capital. Always with an eye to a world in transition, Pablo bears in mind that as a photographer, one must withstand a ‘proletariat space of image making’, a rapidly growing digital world in which the 35 mm film shot evokes once again, a modern practitioner’s craft and mysterious aesthetic play with composition, scale and contrast.


21 Dec - 23 Jan 2013


Pablo Bartholomew