In the Shadow of the Pyramids

Art Heritage presents In the Shadow of the Pyramids, an exhibition that documents Egyptian photographer, Laura El-Tantawy’s intensely personal nine-year journey of entrenched reportage surrounding the events of the ‘January 25 Revolution’ at Tahrir Square in Cairo.  Conceptualised as an audio-visual installation, with large video screens, framed photographs and audio tracks, the exhibition is an immersive experience which touches upon the themes of neoliberalism, censorship and the pursuit of civil rights. Expanded from an exhibition at the The Photographers’ Gallery in London in 2016, the show opens in August, a month that marks India’s 70th year of Independence, the works stir our collective conscience around the question: Have we actually achieved the kind of freedom we fought for?


25 Aug - 20 Sep 2017


Laura El-Tantawy