Amal Allana

Amal Allana (b. 1947) majored in Direction from the National School of Drama (NSD) in Delhi in 1968, going on to esteemed theatre companies for training in the former GDR, such as the Berliner Ensemble and the National Theatre Weimar among others. Later, she had the unique opportunity to study theatre forms such as Noh and Kabuki in Japan. A renowned theatre director of over 60 productions, Allana’s plays are meditative reflections on our times, a vision that transcends narrow definitions of culture and nationality, thereby exploring the intercultural nature of human experience. As Chairperson of NSD (2005-2012), she focused her creative and administrative energies on spearheading the nation’s premier theatre institute.

Amal Allana has earlier contributed to the field through heading the Department of Indian Theatre, Chandigarh, establishing theatre companies in Mumbai and Delhi (The Workshop, Studio 1 and Theatre and Television Associates [TTA]), and setting up a school to impart theatre training (The Dramatic Art and Design Academy [DADA]) along with her husband, Nissar Allana. She writes on theatre, also disseminating its many facets to the public at large through talks, seminars, exhibitions, and workshops. Allana is the recipient of several national and international awards, including the Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Direction in 1998.


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