Amit Saha

Amit Saha’s work explores the world of transgender individuals, exposing facets of their daily life that remain hidden or unexplored to the casual observer. Saha makes a genuine effort to understand the transgender world, where those relegated to the fringes, confront bias and discrimination with pride, confidence and dignity. Says Saha, “If we go back to our Puranas, we learn about several aspects of their presence in those stories. Despite being an integral part of our culture, they have never been entirely accepted. This ambivalent position towards persons of transgender orientation, has repeatedly provoked me to delve deeper into their psychology and culture.”

What emerges is that the artist views his subjects with a sense of normalcy – shown in their homes or moving around the city individually, as couples or in a group – the work seeks to depict those whom we might consider ‘other’, familiar and relatable.

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