Koustav Nag

Koustav Nag (b. 1982) is a multidisciplinary practice involving installation, community oriented- and project-based work. A late entrant to the printmaking space, Nag’s woodcuts are politically inspired addressing fear, insecurity and oppression, imposed by others or oneself. In Human Hanger for example, Nag contemplates time, not in the sense of duration but as a political tool, suggesting that the oppressed tend of stay suspended in an in-between space, unsure of where they belong or what to believe. Other works, like Flight for Rights, further expand on the artist’s thesis, depicting a barrier, put up by the oppressor and accepted – and feared – by the masses. “My search through my art is for the junction where these three ideas/signs meet. I intend to find out how we are related to each other and to different objects in the virtual as well as the real world. In my works, it is a ‘Social Fusion’ that I intend to represent”, says Nag.

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