Sukanya Ghosh

Sukanya Ghosh. These are a mixed group of works produced over the last few years. They demonstrate the range of media and approaches I have used while working with photographic and printed images over time. At the heart of my engagement is a process of layering, erasure and collage. I use both found images alongside the drawn and work through a trajectory of image fragments and tonal complements. By juxtaposing different parts of the image and reducing them to a play of line, tone and colour, I reach a position of abstraction. New landscapes of crisscrossing meanings and overlapping connections. While I have been preoccupied with working with discarded photographs from my family archive, I have often used both analogue and digital photographs in my work. I also enjoy building up textural and semiotic layers through the use of physical material such as cloth, paper, paint, thread, plastic etc.

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