Sweety Joshi

Sweety Joshi. A hint of pitch-black kohl has always been my obsession. A flame ignites, exerts and eventually bears the soot that withstands the verses of their luminescent past. Pitch black velvet can be only acquired by combining re with burning desires of the artist’s will to fight against all odds and achieve the triumphant ecstasy of conquest.

My works are visual verses that delineate and evolve as layers of being. They constantly imbibe life experiences and produce encryptions that have become my visual vocabulary. Layers reveal new spaces and open up a new pictorial world. This opening up of layer upon layer is a therapeutic experience that allows for an understanding of one’s oneness and integrity. A thin black thread pierces the surface and travels towards various destinations, becoming a trail that witnesses the various regions of the pictorial soil that sprouts across the canvas.

I strongly feel that each object and situation has its own associations that allows the artist to bring to them his/her own references and meanings. The possibility that an object has no fixed meaning fascinates me and has resulted in my work having numerous layers that bear the brunt of my unconventional, flamboyant brush, which, in fact, is the medium of re. Burning achieves black frill – like edges, along with an entire range of subtle hues of colour that soak through the paper.

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