Tejswini Narayan Sonawane

Tejswini Narayan Sonawane’s (b. 1987) woodcuts and video installation work comment on the role of women in a society dominated by patriarchal norms and double standards regarding gender roles, that result in a sense of entrapment. Using the medium of the woodcut, known for it’s ability to create a strong emotional quality with the sweep of its lines, Sonawane uses the technique to create a delicate tracery of lines instead, giving the work a delicate, web-like texture that is normally associated with the medium of etching. Her imagery morphs the female figure with that of a bird, coupling it with a video of the sky. Thus, she sets her winged protagonist free from the shackles of expectations, both familial and societal, as well as from ‘thought control’, both imposed and inherent. The artist hopes that her works evoke a sense of elevation and liberation allowing women to dream and soar.

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