Terms & Conditions

Selection Of Works

The artist must submit photographs and or / slides of all the works being offered for exhibition. Each work has to be accompanied with full details as to the title, year of execution, medium and size in centimetres (height x width). From these, in consultation with the artist, we shall select those works which we consider appropriate for the exhibition.

Important Note

As far as possible, and as a general rule, this Gallery would like to show an artist’s recent and latest works – that is, those done in the last three years, works that are fresh and show the artist’s latest explorations. In the context of the exhibition that we have planned, works done more than three years ago, and left-overs and unsold works from an artist’s previous exhibitions elsewhere will not be acceptable. We will make exceptions only in the case of works of extraordinary artistic quality and enduring interest, after artist’s prior discussion with us.

Photographs For Publicity And Press

We will need good, glossy, black-and-white photographs of 8 to 10 works two weeks before the exhibition for publicity purposes. Additional photographs will be required during the exhibition for the press.


The artist must provide an up-to-date bio-data or curriculum vitae, arranged chronologically. In this, the year and place of birth has to be indicated. Two glossy, black-and-white photographs of the artist are also required. The LIST OF WORKS for exhibition must also be chronologically arranged, with full details referred to in Para I above.


Our commission on the sale of a work to a client is 33 and one-third per cent of the sale price. If we purchase the works ourselves, our commission will be 40 per cent. The Gallery reserves the right to make the first selection for itself from works on exhibition.


After the exhibition, the Gallery will keep a selection of works on consignment for a period of one year, for possible sale to prospective clients.


We receive the works for exhibition at the door of the Gallery a few days before the opening and hand them over to the artist at our door-step on conclusion of the exhibition. We are responsible for the works only while they are in our custody.


We are not responsible for the costs of packing or transport of the works.


Unfortunately, we have limited storage facilities and cannot accommodate large crates or bulky packing cases. The artist will have to make his own arrangements for the storage of packing material elsewhere for the duration of the exhibition. The Gallery will be happy to provide assistance.


If required, the Gallery can make available on loan some frames for graphics and photographs only. We append herewith a list of sizes available. However, we would need to know well in advance as to he number and sizes required. Mounts will have to be provided by the artist.


The cost of the printing of the invitation cards, the catalogue, postage and publicity are borne by the Gallery. The Gallery has an extensive mailing-list. Posters are put up in certain key places in New Delhi as additional publicity.


The catalogue for each exhibition forms an intregal part of the comprehensive catalogue which covers the entire season.


A reception is held at the opening of the exhibition at which refreshments and snacks are served .