Moving Landscapes

Sunanda Khajuria draws her imagery from both the terrains of ethereal memory as well as of actual, physical landscape. One is particularly intrigued by her employment of green as a deliberate choice of color that invokes both corporeal and emotional resonances, allowing her to move freely between the planes of both experiences. The color green has been a dominant presence in Sunanda’s earlier paintings, and continues to exert its presence through this exhibition as well. What is new and quite startling is that her recent works are inspired by Chinese traditional painting techniques that are clearly a result of her intrinsic passion for travel. This new suite of works is, in fact, inspired by Chinese ‘Mountain Paintings’ in which ‘traveling’ is considered an important part of the experience. Executed with unprecedented freshness and finesse, myriad colours burst forth as emotions are layered with myths, legends and poetic meditations, presenting us with a rich tapestry of complex work.

Premjish Achari, 2016




4 Mar - 24 Mar 2016


Sunanda Khajuria


Acrylic on canvas, Chinese ink on paper