Shivlal Saroha: Paintings & Drawings

Thematically Shivlal’s Saroha paintings are the outcome of a process of art-making wherein a new work is initiated by splashing colour onto the canvas. This ignites his imagination and subsequently, lingering thoughts in his mind provide narratives and themes which he begins to elaborate on the canvas. The paintings, like his thoughts, are layered with an array of incidents, sensations and responses— which could be both pleasurable and disconcerting. Gradually the canvas begins to resonate and heave with latent memories, often intimate, meshing with, and encompassing encounters from his social life, travels, political events, etc. The imagery, thus, becomes potent and dense, evolving ultimately into a testament of Shivlal’s fundamental quest- for social justice, peace and harmony, sensitivity and idealism in times of grave political and social turbulence.


23 Sep - 21 Oct 2014


Shivlal Saroha


Acrylic on canvas