The Fantasy World of Gouri Vemula & Aditi Aggarwal

Gouri Vemula

While one set of Gouri Vemula’s work are thematically inspired by zodiac sun signs, the other is an exploration of the diverse avatars of divine beings. Drawing references from mythologies of various sources, Gouri’s central interest lies in creating and weaving out of them a personal compendium of myths. With an amazing skill of draughtsmanship and an unerring sense of composition, Gouri draws from indigenous classical and popular traditions of Indian iconography, creating imagined landscapes where gods, humans and nature coexist in a tempestuous cosmic play or lila.

Nuzhat Kazmi, 2016

Aditi Aggarwal

Aditi Aggarwal’s artworks are not premeditated; instead she leaves herself open to what spontaneously occurs during the very process of applying or squeezing paint onto the surface of acrylic sheets. Preferring acrylic to canvas, Aditi enjoys its non- absorbent quality that allows the paint to either remain on the surface or roll across it. The paint, untouched by a brush, tends to dry in thick impasto- like blobs, giving the entire surface a glossy, tactile feel.

Referring to her work Aditi says, While painting within these layers, I come across at many different stages a plethora of visuals that appear and then subsequently, disappear. The process of painting itself gives birth to forms which themselves dictate dimensional spaces…. The form itself then, becomes a take off point for me to begin.

 Nuzhat Kazmi, 2016


16 Sep - 7 Oct 2016


Aditi Aggarwal, Gouri Vemula