Time Frame/s

While the camera allows us the possibility to record everyday reality with fidelity, digital technology provides us with the tools to fictionalize it. Jain uses both these to powerful effect, blurring the distinction between the real and the fantastical. Interweaving  iconic images by great painters, with a sense of  responsibility, she couples them with her own photographs. Many works reference homsexual or heterosexual encounters, or even divine and human love, but despite the longing or even lusting for communication- her protagonists remain isolated, locked within their own spheres, which Jain demonstrates through subtly toned coloured washes that divide the canvas into vertical sections or frames.

Anil, 2016

Santosh Jain talks about her work: The Artist Speaks 1, The Artist Speaks 2




25 Nov - 20 Dec 2016


Santosh Jain