Natasha Sachdeva

My work revolves around the exploration of the body- the female body which is
believed to be an epitome of grace and poise. Really ? I doubt. As a women. I feel
despite being blessed with a graceful body , we often come across various
comments, suggestions and free advices on a daily basis depending on the ‘Body
Type’. No matter how much we have evolved , the idea of beauty is narrowed
down to the Inches and Kilos. At some point of time, I feel every women is
suppressed by the ‘Social Pressure’ to achieve an ‘IDOL’ body. What exactly does
an Idol body measure? Does it even exist ? And the irony is we are taught to be
comfortable in our skin.
My recent art practice is an attempt to celebrate the Bulky and Heavy bodies I see
around me. As a female artist , I am more inclined towards bodies that carry more
baggage on themselves. I enjoy creating skin which has numerous layers with
marks , spots and feelings hidden underneath the skin.
I have also created works with very vibrant colored ‘Undergarments’, I have
always thought about how there are so many designs and types of undergarments
available for women in the market as compared to men . And how women enjoy
experimenting with their undergarments , is it for her own self or to please her
partner ? I am still looking for answers by observing the women around me or who
are unknown to me. My figures are mainly ‘Headless’ as I feel the significance of
body is much more than the Face which is quite a disgrace.
Having said that I believe ‘Fat’ does no good to the body , it is extremely harmful
for the body in the long run . No matter how much comfortable one is with their
body , a constant effort to get rid of the layers of fat should be made by working
out and eating healthy.

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