Tarun Sharma

My works are initially autobiographical in nature. It is kind of a first- hand documentation
of my immediate reactions on the change in surroundings in the form of passive drawings,
paintings, prints, installations and videos.
I have been working on some recent projects like “observing patterns of addiction” , “Arcs
of Relationships” , “Helplessness- a common thread running through our society” and
“Relationship with space and time”.
The recent of all is the project title “Helplessness- a common thread running through our
society”, which includes my interpretation of after effects of going through a traumatic
experience in life(here, I was bed-ridden for 3 months completely, couldn’t able to move a
nerve). Even after I was recovered I was kind of more empathetic, sensitive and more
observant when I was moving from Point A to Point B. I started to reaching out to people
and started listening to them, how they ended up on streets without food, clothes and shelter
which makes you question your own privileges, understanding art as a tool for social
responsibility, helps you in understanding the politics of the land, it makes you question the
administration and most of all what can be done from your individualistic approach.
Through this project I intend to make the viewer realise about the small and very little
instances of ignorance in our lives towards each other, and this growing lack of empathy
and care and this increase in schadenfreude in our society leading to a helpless state.

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