Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show

  • Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show
  • Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show
  • Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show
  • Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show
  • Kavita Jaiswal – Exclusive Online Show
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‘Journeys’, a short film on Art Heritage’s Video Series, captures Jaiswal’s process and thoughts, and a rare glimpse into the artist’s studio. Click or copy the link into your browser:

Art Heritage brings to a global audience the works of abstract artist Kavita Jaiswal on the The Art Platform India (TAPIndia,, a collective digital platform of 15 galleries and art institutions from across the country. ‘Landscapes of Memory and Experience’ showcases a broad spectrum of Jaiswal’s works ranging from embossed etchings done in the early 2000s to more recent acrylic ink paintings on a variety of specialty papers.

Kavita Jaiswal began her journey as an artist in the 1980s – Working initially with mostly recognisable forms for several years, gradually abstraction became the matrix of her work. An artist who has worked with several media and has expressed herself in the still as well as the moving image in drawings, paintings, artist books, photography and video, Jaiswal continues on her quest of over 30 years, each time engaging with her search for what it is that makes everything ‘happen’. Thematically, she explores the inner world of thought that exists between the states of sleep and wakening, as well as, somnolent meditative states. The sayings of Rumi, Hafiz and Mooji feature as calligraphic motifs in her work, while Nature and the vastness of the cosmos allow her to see herself as an infinitesimal spec in it, and not necessarily an individual tied to time and place. In several works, lines flow along the paper’s surface appearing and disappearing as though out of the void, in never-ending zen tangled formations representing the life force in its endless motion.

Kavita’s latest work is extremely febrile, diaphanous and delicate where she simply creates just markings. Ink on paper has gradually evolved as her chosen medium and the one most suited to her minimalist evocations. Jaiswal utilizes papers of various thicknesses and transparencies, treating them as an organic space that interact with the mixed media placed upon them.

Kavita Jaiswal’s work has been exhibited at the NGMA, Christies’ Auction, London, Indian Contemporary Art, and the UNESCO Power of Peace Exhibition, Bangkok, as well as in solo shows at The Queen’s Gallery, British Council and Shridharani Gallery. Art Heritage has exhibited Kavita’s work since 2004.

The works from ‘Landscapes of Memory and Experience’ can also be found on Artsy.


7 Nov - 30 Nov 2020


Kavita Jaiswal


Mixed Medium